You’re beautiful, loving, ambitious and only want the best for people. But you find yourself in a position where you’re stuck. Trapped within a space that feels as though you cannot escape.

Whether it’s emotional or physical abuse, nobody should ever have to go through such pain.

If you are reading this and you are currently experiencing abuse from a loved one, please know that no matter what has happened, you do not deserve this. 

And there IS a way for you to be set free out of this relationship.

I know things may seem impossible, or you may believe that you have come too far and too deep into the relationship to leave. But please understand that true love is not toxic. True love is not abuse. True love doesn’t leave one to feel entrapped or frightened.

You are worth so much more, the Bible says that you are worth MORE than rubies. Why let yourself be mistreated and taken advantage of? There are so many wonderful, loving guys out there waiting for someone like you. To bring you laughter and joy. To treat you so special, like the princess you are.

Identify the reasons why you feel as though you cannot leave this relationship.

Is it because he is always promising that he will change and not touch you anymore? But soon after that, he hurts you and hits you again? 

Sometimes in order to learn and understand where we’ve gone wrong, one must be separated to have moments of stillness and reflection to recognise that they’re in need of help. But by you staying with that person, you are giving him a sense of security. Through which he becomes comfortable and easily able to cause you trouble all over again.

In order to show him that he needs help. And that you’ve recognised your worth and understood that you are worth much more than this, it’s so important to walk away. Not just for you, but for both of you.

Abusive relationships are not healthy for the mind, body, soul and spirit. It creates damage to both people. In order for you both to heal, separation must take place. Following on from that, you can both receive help. Through loved ones and counselling. 

There is someone who’s love for you is eternal. Who desires for you to be overflowing with joy, and for His peace to rest upon you. The Lord, your Creator cares for you. And you haven’t stumbled across this post by chance. He is eager to set your heart into the place of freedom and rest.

Into a place where you can take refuge under His wing. 

Through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, you have been redeemed and able to live a life of abundance and freedom in Him.

Friends and family may not be available 24/7 to speak or support you. But Jesus is always available to listen out to you. He’s eager to hear from you. Pour out your heart before Him as He listens and pulls you in close under His embrace.

Keep on praying, hoping and believing in Him. 

When you pray, have faith that He is listening. And that He is making a way for you to be positioned into restoration and peace.

I promise you, there is more to your life than this. There is more than what you are experiencing in this moment in time. Please do not lean on your own understanding on what you can see in the present. But know that the Lord knows your past, present and can see far ahead into your future.

Before the foundations of the world, or before you were in your mother’s womb, He knew you! He had plans for you! To give you a future and a hope!

There is hope in your future! 

Jeremiah 29:11

I know the plans I have plans for you, to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a future and a hope.

And also.. if you cannot imagine yourself being with anyone else besides your current partner. Please know that if you have the desire within you to marry one day, God knows the right person that would be great for you. To uplift you, to take care of you, and love you respectably.

All you have to do is trust Him.

Take the first step, by walking out of the cycle of pain and distress. 

Pray that the Lord will bring healing and make a way for your partner too as you both part ways to be restored healthily.

Trust the process, and believe you are worth it.

You have not been placed here for you to get abused and mistreated. You are more than that. Worth SO much, that CHRIST Himself died for YOU. To live life joyfully.

Walk in that joy with Him.

Remember, you’re beautiful.

take care of yourself xxx


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