How To Remove/Lighten Dark Circles (Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream Review)

If you suffer with dark circles, I have one of the most perfect solutions for you! I too also had dark circles but once I followed the following tips that I will share with you, I found that they looked so much better!

The first thing I used was the Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream. Many people find that after you’ve used it for a few days, you can begin to recognise the difference already!

It lightened my eyes, de-puffed them, and smoothened out my skin so well. The cream is very lightweight and refreshing on the eye, so it doesn’t feel too heavy at all!

The cream contains ‘Peptide Complex’ which helps restore elasticity and firmness, along with apple extract to boost collagen! So it’s also lovely to use if you are recognising fine lines around the eyes.

This is the only eye cream that I’ve used my whole life! I have been so faithful to this wonderful product! I would never look elsewhere! The retail price is £28, and the product lasts me a long time as you only need a tiny amount daily. So one pot will last you a good while!

Another tip for you that’s especially great in the morning is to use cold spoons! 

Leave two tablespoons in the fridge overnight, and the following morning apply that to your eyes for 15 minutes. This will instantly help to de-puff and refresh your eyes after a long night!

I hope this helps you!

Thank you for reading,

devona fayana x


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