How To Identify and Remove Toxic Friendships and Relationships

It’s always hard to recognise that you’re in the middle of a toxic relationship until you come to that realisation as you think deeper beyond the circumstances that you’re facing.

Within friendships, partners and even work colleagues we can experience huge toxic people. These people you should be wary of because eventually, they may start to have an affect on you too. You’re probably reading this because you have been questioning whether you’re around toxic people so close to you right now. Here are a few points that I’ve come up with that you can try to use to identify whether certain individuals should remain close to you in life or not.

1. They put you down

Toxic people put you down and say things that can affect your self esteem or your mindset in general. If these people only speak death and not life, consider taking a step back from them. Your thoughts and mediations of the mind can begin to outwardly show in your daily life and the way you carry yourself. Don’t allow other people’s negative, ways to make you feel upset or down.

2. They gossip

Gossip is never good, especially if they do it all the time. These people never have anything positive to say about others. In fact, most of the time they speak bad things about others more than they speak good things about other people! Why should we surround ourselves with people who cause us to start thinking and looking at other people in a negative light?

Within everyone we should show grace, love and care. Whether they have hurt us or not. There is goodness in everyone and we ought to share and uplift one another.

3. They’re negative and drain you

Do you have a draining effect when you’re around them? 

Not a good sign.. toxic people tend to have negative spirits attached to them which gives off that draining vibe. All they dwell on is the bad things around them, and if there is nothing bad to talk about they would go on to pick out other people and talk badly about them instead. 

Surround yourself with people are encouraging and kind who likes to uplift others.

4. They’re manipulative

They take advantage who you are and your emotions in order to get their own way. Their desires and wants are always put first and they tend to be selfish in their ways. A loving, healthy friendship and relationships should be caring and taking care of each other equally.

5. They only talk to you when they need something

People that only show real interest in you when they want something is not real friendship or a relationship. With relationships, if someone only speaks to you or wants to see you at night time then thats a huge no no. Keep these people at a distance.. you want to have friends and a relationship that genuinely cares about you and would be there for you anytime.

Those are the main five points that I have picked out to be able to identify someone who may be toxic. If you experience any of these recurring with someone in your life then take a step back. Pray and ask God what to do regarding the situation, you can also pray that God would help them be moulded into a better, positive person.

God cares about your wellbeing and the people that you class as close ones. He only wants you to move forward and progress, feeling uplifted and encouraged. Ask Him to lead and guide you in all you do and your paths will be made straight.

Thank you so much for reading, please share this with someone that you know may need to read this!

take care,

devona fayana x


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