How To Clear Negative Vibes In Your Life ASAP 2019

Be aware of your surroundings..

‘People say we are what we eat’, ‘we attract what we are’, ‘our friends usually reflect how we are’, ‘our thoughts reflect who we are as a person’. 

So if you think that there are some traces of negative vibes that are lingering around your life, the key thing would be to identify the root cause of the issue. Think about your surroundings, and the things that you consume daily. Such as music, food, social media, friends.. even colours. I’ll explain in more detail further down in the post.

Remove Toxic People

Do these people that you surround yourself with make you feel good or bad? How does their presence feel to you? And what words proceed out of their mouth.. is it positive, kind, wise, edifying words or are they simply just speaking negative rubbish all the time? The people we surround ourselves with can cause a massive impact on our characters.

1 Corinthians 15:33

Bad company corrupts good character.

Proverbs 27:17

Iron sharpens iron, so one sharpens another

As you can tell from the above scriptures.. the first one clearly shows that the wrong people can cause destruction to your character which effects your overall life. Whereas with the second one, the right friends will allow you to be sharpened, to grow and become the best you can be. Which results in feeling the best from the progress you make eventually too. 

People are meant to uplift you.. not tear you down.

If you have any toxic people in your life, identify the issue.. and take a step back. However you feel led to.

Break Any Unhealthy Soul Ties

Soul ties form from extremely close relationships. Especially a romantic relationship. If there is someone that you’re attached to in the past that you cannot stop thinking about, that may be a problem. The root cause of negative vibes in your life.

With the soul ties, it’s as though your emotionally and spiritually glued to someone else.. and when the relationship is over it becomes extremely hard to manage. Unless the soul tie is renounced and broken. Because physically you may not be together anymore, but spiritually you’re still attached, which prevents you from moving forwards.

I would advise you to do more research and study on this topic to gain more understanding. You can also pray to God and ask Him to break that off to release you into freedom.

Once you break this soul tie, you find that you feel so much better in life!

Clean Your Home

A tidy, decluttered living space gives you a clear mind of clarity! Clean up your home and give it that fresh feel. 

Also have a look around for any old items from the past that may give you memories of a particular time that upsets you.. depending on how you feel I would throw that way. Depending on the situations. But do what feels best. 

For example it could be a dress that an ex boyfriend got you, or a gift that an old partner gifted to you that makes you think about him all the time. Think about how certain things make you feel and decide whether you want to throw it away.

Colours! Colours are associated with emotion and feelings. For example, if someone is surrounded by black or dark blue all the time they can start feel down. Whereas colours like orange or yellow can uplift a person. If your home is full of dark colours, maybe try including a few brighter colours in. Even with your outfit choices, you could brighten it up! To lift up the mood a bit? I know to some people this may sound silly but it actually works so well!

Renew Your Mind

Proverbs 23:7

As a man thinks, so is he

Romans 12:2

Be transformed by the renewal of your mind

When we meditate too much on particular things, they tend to fill our minds and even have an effect on the words we say.

You have the power to discipline negative thinking and replace it with good things. Even if you don’t feel like it! Thinking patterns can effect our overall view and quality of life. If you want to live the most joyful, abundant life possible.. it all starts with your mind.

Stop/Take A Break from Music and Social Media

Social media and music are an issue. 

Some music talks about so many negative stuff without us even realising it. Heartbreak, obsession with money etc etc which causes us to think about these things and compare it to where our lives are now.

The same with social media, we look at what other people are doing and what other people look like etc. Which lets us fall into the trap of comparison. Take a break from these things for a while.. see how you feel and then decide whether you want to cut it off permanently.

Change Your Diet

Eating habits have an effect on how we feel. Junk food can make us feel temporarily satisfied, but we just get hungry again in the end and our bodies are screaming out for nutrition. Which then leads to you feeling tired and fatigue.. whereas if you had more healthy food. You would feel so much more awake and brighter overall!

Have a look at your diet and see what changes you can make to help improve it.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope this blessed you very much and prepares you for a wonderful 2019!

take care,

devona fayana x


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