You Are More Than Just A Pretty Face

Every woman in the world is blessed with beauty. But what happens when we rely on our outer beauty too much?

Many women have been lied to, such as being told they are only just a ‘pretty face’. What is so important to know is that every single woman on this planet is worth so much and holds great value.

It is impossible for someone to be born into the world without talents and gifts planted inside of them, this is part of what makes us special individuals. No two people on earth are the same, through which us ladies need to search deep within our hearts, minds and souls to find and understand the things we are truly passionate about and gifted at.

The first step to discovering who you are and what you’re here for is by seeking your heavenly creator Himself. He holds all the answers. Ask, seek, knock and the door will be opened onto you!

Not only are you beautiful, but I’m sure you may also be kind, wise, knowledgeable, understanding, smart, friendly and so much more. I’ve been thinking recently about the importance of growing in your character. Just because you may have wisdom, doesn’t mean you cannot continue to strive towards increasing in wisdom. Increasing in knowledge and increasing in understanding etc.

Just as a rose grows from a seed in the soil to a beautiful flower, it is also the same with you!

There are many precious seeds that the Lord has placed within you! And as you continue to pursue Him, watch your character flourish so beautifully.

You are more than your looks! You are more than your outer beauty. Your heart and character is so precious to God and you can surely bless other people to become better individuals too!

Believe in yourself, in Christ and stay faithful!

Spread love always xx



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