There Is Purpose in Your Pain – Being Fruitful in Affliction

A lot of the times when we go through pain, we automatically blame everyone but ourselves. We begin to doubt God cares about us and start believing that this must be the end of the world for us. 

We tend to think in the moment, not looking at the bigger picture and trusting God.

Ever stopped to realise that through your pain, God can strengthen you as you grow in your character?

Ever stopped to realise that God can also use this situation for you to help and encourage other people who you may meet in the future that experiences similar circumstances?

Ever stopped to realise that in this season of being uncomfortable, God can shift you into a new season of your life?

If you’re facing troubles right now, try viewing this in a different perspective. Think about how great and faithful God is to you.

Joseph is one of my favourite people in the bible, he was positioned in a place that looked hopeless but the Lord was setting him up for a divine promotion and blessing. The same can happen with you too, keep on praying and keep on believing in God. He WILL carry you through!

Genesis 41:52

For God has taught me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction 


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