Pregnant With The Promises Of God

Many of us are pregnant in the spiritual realm, pregnant with promises of God that He wants to birth in your life.

In the days to come, new beginnings are about to spring forth in your life according to God’s perfect timing for your life.

Whatever that promise may be, whether it is a business, a big goal, a dream home, good grades etc, keep on taking care of that baby of yours. Nurture it and nourish it with your faith and work towards the fulfilment of your goals. The Lord will establish your plans at the right time.

As you know, the process of a growing baby within the womb takes a while to be developed before they can be delivered. Be assured that every dream requires a process, every goal takes a journey. Nothing great happens overnight, so trust in the Lord that He is working within you and your life as you remain patient in this season.

Stay grounded in the Word as you lean upon your Saviour. In due time, His words will come to pass.

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Isaiah 55:11

My word that proceeds from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I desire and achieve for the purpose for which I sent it.


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