Beware of Seeking Happiness In Temporary Things

Over the past couple of years, as I have met new people along the way, I have come to realise the habit a lot of us fall into. Which is seeking happiness in temporary things within our lives.

I myself used to experience this but the more I dug into God’s Word and allowed the Holy Spirit to teach me, my eyes were opened to many things.

These days many of us tend to have that mindset of believing that: “I will be happy when.. (your desires)”.

We tend to think when this happens I will be happy, when I get this or that I will be okay. We look at material things such as a new car, designer clothes and a fancy house. Even a career, money or social media followers etc, to think that we will finally be happy once those goals are achieved. 

I do believe that when we achieve our goals we most definitely will feel great! But we shouldn’t see it as our rooted source of happiness. This mindset will cause us to keep on chasing after these things forever.

Philippians 4:11-13

Not that I speak from want, but I have learnt to be content in whatever circumstances that I am in.

What we should realise is that our lives on earth itself, is temporary. We are only here for a little while, yet our eternal lives and the eternal King of Glory is what matters and is what we should stay rooted in when it comes to the source of joy and contentment. After all, it is only God who has the power to provide you with such lovely gifts on earth. And He does have the power to take it away also. This is why it’s so important to find yourself in Him, and rest in the assurance of His love and embrace. He is actually the source of joy and every good gift comes from Him!

Keep pursuing your goals, keep pursuing your dreams!! Do not stop working towards the things you desire that are planted within your heart, just be very cautious not to base your happiness solely on these things. Because the Lord Himself, is more and has more to offer than you can ever imagine, compared to these temporary things. The temporary things that you cannot take with you when it is your time to pass away.

I hope this message blessed you and helped you to start looking at life in a different perspective. And I pray that your joy may be full in the Lord, as you stay rooted in Him.

God bless 



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