Reveal Of My First Book – PREFACE: Inner Beauty

I am extremely excited to announce that I am releasing a book of poetry very soon! 

I will reveal the name of the book closer to the time, but I really wanted to do a countdown towards the launch. To share with you all a little bit of background behind the book before it is released, I will show previews of my poems to give you more insight on my new book!

This book is held very close to my heart. 

A year ago, I lost the closest person to my heart. My grandmother.

She helped raise me, she took great care of me and taught me so many things over the years that I still cherish deep within my soul.

This book of poetry was written over a few periods, the earlier times from when I just found Christ towards the recent times of the passing of my grandmother. 

Heartbreak and grievance was a serious issue in my life that I had to really allow my Beloved Redeemer to take care of. And faithfully, He healed every broken place within me that was shattered by the most overwhelming waves of my life. So as a lover of poetry, I felt to pour out my heart upon the blank pages.

The expression through poetry that arise in the pages of my book surrounds the areas of 













This is a book of poetry that reveals the true glory of the Lord and exactly what He has done in my life. It reveals my journey of sanctity, trust and love between myself and my Heavenly Father.

Within the pivotal moments of my life, I allowed myself to be fully immersed in the fullness and sovereignty of God. And through His grace, I was healed.

He transitioned my brokenness into wholeness and renewal.

And as you can see from above, to begin the countdown I will first be revealing a short preface on the subject of inner beauty.

Many of us tend to have higher concerns on our outer appearance, and what others can see in our lives. But it’s so important to not dwell on what meets the eye. It is within the very roots within us that we must nourish and take care of the most. 

Allow the love and grace of God to penetrate your spirit and give Him opportunities to work within your heart. The more you grow and flourish as a person, the more beautiful you show yourself on the outside.

I cannot wait to share more of my poems to you from my upcoming book to be released! I hope this excites you too!

Take care,

devona xxx


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