Single Seasons as a Godly Woman

Many godly women would love to become married one day. It is God’s will for a lot of us to enter into marriage to be fruitful, multiply and give Him glory. Marriage is a gift from the Lord that many people treasure dearly, although in these modern days, the gift of singleness tends to get looked at in a negative way sometimes.

In the season of singleness, it gives us great time and freedom to be able to give as much time as possible devoted to God. We can focus more on Him, the purposes and assignments that He gives to us, our careers and other things without any distractions or major responsibilities. It also allows us to spend time with ourselves as we learn to be content as we are with only Him.

Philippians 4:11

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.

We also should remember that God has our best interest. He knows the desire of your heart and knows your needs and wants. As the author and creator of your life, He knows the right time for your future spouse to come into your life.

Trust Him and embrace this single period to do all that you feel led to do. Build your character and allow the Spirit to work on your heart and mind also as you grow in Christ. Build a career, a ministry. Make new friends, travel the world as you step out hand in hand with your Heavenly Father who never leaves or forsakes you. You are deeply cherished by Him.


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