Why God Doesn’t Answer Some Prayers

I always believe that God has an answer for everything, He is very certain because He is the creator of everything and the beginning and the end.

I also believe that God is always willing to communicate to His children, it all comes down to whether we are actually listening?

God may not always reply to us instantly the way we would like Him to, but one thing is for sure, that He is always leading and guiding you.

Sometimes, God may be silent in seasons is because He is testing you. This could be a test of faith or a test of how you would respond to a particular situation. The Lord does not do things in vain, and He has your B E S T interest at heart!

Please understand that He would never leave you in a position where you could end up completely lost or hurt WITHOUT guidance.

Take the time out and make a conscious effort to try and hear that still, small voice. Everything should always refer back to His written word.

I would also recommend reading the bible more because the more you know and understand it, the closer to God that you become which is an absolutely amazing experience!

So if you aren’t receiving any answers the way you’d like to, just be patient and trust and know the He is Lord. The God who doesn’t sleep or slumber! He has your back



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