Why Does God Feel So Far Away?

You’re going through one of the hardest seasons of your life, and you’re struggling. Longing for help and a miracle. We naturally cry out to God for help in such times but we may face a point where we feel as though He doesn’t seem close. 

We pray but it feels like He’s not listening. If you can relate to this please know that the Lord certainly is there, with you and listening to you. The bible makes it crystal clear that He would never leave or forsake you.

I believe that the reason why God doesn’t always answer prayers in times the way we like or in trials where we don’t think He’s there, is because He’s allowing us to deepen our desire and dependancy on Him even more. 

Jesus made it very clear in John 15:5 saying that without Him, we can do nothing. And that we should love the Lord with all of our hearts and strength. Throughout our lives God will always be working on us to become stretched, stronger and moulded to how He wants us to grow.

We can’t grow efficiently by living a completely perfect journey. It is in these moment that God allows us to get to a certain point where we have to continually run to Him, even if He doesn’t feel close. He is still testing and shaping your faith to believe in Him. At the right time, God will come through.

Know that He loves you dearly, there is nothing on earth that God isn’t aware of. He knows and cares for you xx


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