Keep Your Eyes Above Your Waves Of Problems

Hi all!

You may or may not know the story of Peter when Jesus called him out to walk towards Him on the ocean? Peter must have been so frightened! But he took a leap of courage and faith and walked towards the Lord. Unfortunately,  for a moment he took his eyes of Jesus and became more aware of the surroundings of waves and strong winds that were around him. This led him to fall! 🙁

Of course Jesus saved him and said ‘You of little faith, why did you doubt?’

This is SO relatable for many of us!!

Sometimes God calls us to do something which can be so scary due to circumstances of uncertainty and chaos. We look straight to Him and keep our eyes fixed upon Him to get us through, though if we are not careful and be led astray by our lack of patience and faith, it can cause us to fall and feel scared.

If you can relate to this please keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and His promises for you. You know that your life is in the palm of His hands, and He wouldn’t allow anything in the world to hurt you. Keep going and keep pressing on. 

Jesus loves you



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