Give Attention To Reading, To Exhortation, To Doctrine – 1 Timothy 4:13

1 Timothy 4:13

Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation and to doctrine

How often do you bury your head in a book, what was the last thing you read? I know excessive amount of reading isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is a bookworm like myself LOL, but it is so important to keep up with reading. Most importantly, the Bible.

The bible is our spiritual food in which we should consume D A I L Y. Ideally a good amount where we can really digest and take in what has been read. Ready to apply to our lives. Along with the studying and mediation of the Word also.

Many of us come up with excuses such as time or commitments, but why do we think it’s okay to eat our daily meals and not worry about time like we do with our spiritual food?

The Word of God is going to feed you, uplift you, and continually work on the renewing of your mind. Make the extra effort to get rooted in it. A really good tip I could give you, is on your way to work you could play the audio bible in your car or even as you’re getting ready for work! I do that and it’s absolutely fantastic!

Reading and studying the bible is also spending time with the Holy Spirit, and the more you spend time with the Spirit, the stronger and spiritually mature you become. He is the Holy Spirit of truth who will guide you into the ways of righteousness. We can’t go through this life without Him.

Yes we can watch Youtube sermons and go to church but it’s also so great to study and know the Word of God for yourself

I hope this post blessed you! Please comment down below on your thoughts of reading xx


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