Classy in White – London Nights

Back to the beginning of the year in January, I celebrated my birthday in one of the world’s best cities. I felt so blessed and great to have spent it in London!

I wanted to wear a dress that was stunning and classy. Neutrals has been a favourite of mine recently and I am loving  white! The dress I decided to wear at Sky Pod Bar was from an online women’s boutique called OH MY PURPLE

This lovely dress was beautifully fitted with a long, detailed lace fishtail. I felt so elegant and modest! This dress retails for around £50 if I remember correctly. You can check out Oh My Purple on their website:


Over the years I have truly noticed a change in my style, especially since I gave my life to Christ and as I’ve grown older. I have been seeing development and great changes to my wardrobe. I love simplicity, neutrals and all things classy with sophistication!

Take care,

Devona xx


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